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How To Fix Canon TS6220 Printer Problems

You might encounter different types of issues while using the Canon TS6220 printer. Some of them are described below. The techniques to fix the Canon TS6220 printer problems are also described on this page.

Canon TS6220 Printer Problems


At times, your Canon TS6220 printer might refuse to print anything. In order to fix this problem, follow the instructions given here:

  • First, confirm that the printer is turned on. If not, ensure that the machine has been securely plugged in. Now, press the ON button on the printer. You will find that the ON lamp is flashing. This indicates that the printer is initializing. Wait patiently until the lamp stops flashing, but remains lit.
  • If the printer is ON, but the issue persists, check to see if it is properly connected to your computer. In case you are making use of a USB cable, confirm that it is securely connected to both your printer and computer. If it is, check the following conditions to fix the Canon TS6220 printer issues:
  • If you are utilizing a USB hub, disconnect it now. Next, you have to connect the printer directly to your computer. Try printing once again. If you can print as usual, the problem lies with the USB hub.
  • Sometimes, the issue might be with the USB cable. Try using a different cable. Now, check if you can print normally.
  • In case you are using the printer over a LAN, ensure that the machine is correctly configured for network use.
  • In case the issue persists even after executing the above instructions, move on to the next step.
  • Confirm that your paper settings match the information that has been set for the cassette or rear tray. If you find that they do not match, an error message might pop up on the touch screen. So, just complete the on-screen instructions to fix the issue.
  • If the above steps fail to fix the Canon TS6220 problems, try restarting your computer (if you are printing from one). If your printer still refuses to print, move on to the next troubleshooting technique.
  • In case you are trying to print from a computer, delete the jobs that are stuck in the print queue.
  • Your printer cannot print properly if you are utilizing a driver for some other printer. Therefore, ensure that the driver for your printer is selected. If the issue persists, try the following technique.
  • If you are attempting to print a huge data file, it may take a long time to begin the printing process. If the printer refuses to start printing after a prolonged period, choose On for the Prevention of Print Data Loss option.
  • You have now learned to fix the Canon TS6220 printer problems.


In some situations, your printer might not respond to any action or command you give. This issue can be classified into two categories:

  • The printer refuses to turn on.
  • The printer turns off unexpectedly (when it is ON or while printing).

Now, we shall look into both the above categories of problems in detail.

The printer refuses to turn on:

  • First, you should press the ON button on the printer.
  • Next, confirm that the power plug has been connected to your printer (securely). Now, try turning on the printer once again. If it still does not turn on, move on to the next instruction.
  • You need to unplug the printer and let it rest for a minimum of two minutes. Now, plug the machine back in and press the ON button.
  • Now, your printer should turn on and you will be able to print as usual.
  • You have now fixed the Canon TS6220 printer problem where the printer refused to turn on.
  • Fix Canon Ts6220 Printer Issues

The printer turns off unexpectedly (when it is ON or while printing):

At times, your printer might suddenly turn off. This might happen if you have enabled a setting that makes the machine turn off automatically (after a certain period). This setting will result in the power shutting off by itself once this period elapses. However, you can disable this setting from your printer’s operation panel:

  • Confirm that the printer is turned on.
  • On its Home screen, choose the Setup option.
  • On the screen that displays, select the ECO option.
  • Next, choose Energy saving settings.
  • Now, you have to check the displayed message and choose Next.
  • Select Auto power off and then pick the Never option.
  • Finally, choose OK.
  • The setting is now successfully disabled.
  • Now, your printer should turn on and print as usual.
  • You have now fixed another Canon TS6220 printer problem.


You can reset the settings on your Canon TS6220 printer to resolve many of the issues you are facing with it. So, follow these simple instructions to to fix that issue quickly:

  • On the Home screen of the Canon TS6220 printer, tap the Setup option.
  • On the screen that displays next, choose Device settings.
  • The Device settings screen will now display. Here, select the Reset settings option.
  • From the Reset settings menu, pick one of the following options:

Web service setup only: If you choose this option, the web service settings will be restored to their defaults.

LAN settings only: If you select this option, the LAN settings will be restored to their defaults.

Settings only: This option will set the media type, paper size, and other such settings back to their defaults.

Reset all: This option will restore all the settings that you have made to the printer to their defaults.

You have now seen how to reset the printer. Resetting will help fix the Canon TS6220 problems easily.

NOTE: Some of the settings, like Language, cannot be reset to their defaults. When you choose one of the options listed above, you will find a prompt. It will ask you whether you want to reset the settings you have chosen. So, select the Yes option.

Once the settings have been reset, you can press the Home button. This action will take you back to the Home screen. Thus, by resetting your printer, you have Canon TS6220 printer problems.

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