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How to Setup Canon Pixma Wireless Printer On Mac

If you own a Canon Pixma wireless printer and want to know how to set it up on your Mac, this is the page you are looking for. This web page explains how to unpack your printer, install the ink cartridges, load the paper, and connect your Canon PIXMA to your Mac.

How to Setup Canon Pixma Wireless Printer On Mac

Unpack Your Printer

  • Unpack the product box and take out the included items.
  • Discard all the protective covers and packing tapes from the printer and its components.
  • Inspect all the accessories and ensure they are delivered without any damage.

Connect Your Printer To An Electrical Outlet

  • Take the power cord included in the package and use it to connect your printer and an electrical outlet.
  • Turn on your Canon PIXMA printer by pressing its Power button.
  • Set your preferred language, country, date, and time on the printer control panel.

Install The Cartridges

  • Open your printer’s front door and get ready to install the ink cartridges.
  • Unpack the supplied ink cartridges and insert them into the respective holders.
  • Make sure you install the cartridges according to the color indications.
  • Once done, close your printer’s front door.

Load Your Paper

  • Extend the paper cassette and move the guides to the corners.
  • Load a paper stack into the cassette.
  • Move the guides against the stack and reinsert the paper cassette into the printer.

Download The Compatible Driver For Your Mac

You should install the compatible driver on your Mac to access your printer. Follow these instructions to get the software from Canon’s website.

  • On your computer, visit Canon’s support page using your default browser.
  • Input your printer model and then press the Enter key on your keyboard.
  • When the next page shows you the search results, click on your Canon Pixma printer model.
  • You will now be taken to the product support page. Here, click on Drivers & Downloads.
  • Now, your Operating System will be detected automatically, and its compatible drivers will be displayed. If your OS is not selected correctly, click the Operating System drop-down menu and choose your OS as Mac (along with the version).
  • When it shows you the list of compatible drivers, select the most appropriate one for your Canon Pixma wireless printer and click Select> Download.

Connect Your Canon Pixma Printer To Your Mac

  • First, locate the downloaded driver setup file on your Mac and run it.
  • When prompted, enter the administrator password in the respective field.
  • Accept the terms and conditions on the displayed End-User License Agreement screen.
  • On the Connection Method screen, select the connection type you prefer the most. And, connect your Canon Pixma printer and the computer, based on the method of connection you have picked.
  • If you select the wireless connection option, connect your printer to the same network to which your Mac is connected.
  • Go ahead with the instructions on the screen and complete the installation.

In this manner, you should set up your Canon PIXMA wireless printer on your Mac.

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