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Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions are simple to understand. It is accepted from both the ends that you agree to the terms and conditions of our website and hence, you are utilizing our service not only as a subscription but also as a user manual. The instructions on this website can be viewed and used by the Canon Photo printer users but cannot be copied or used on any other site as the copyright of the content is owned by us.

The service provided by our technical agents is effective to the best of their knowledge. In case of discrepancies, you are requested to revert to us for further rectification.

Personal information that we collect like your Name, Email address, contact numbers, and address will not be disclosed without your consent unless until it is legally required. While making payments, we ensure the safety and security of your credit or debit card credentials and will not store in any of the applications that we use.

We use your browser cookies to know in which aspect we can assist you better and to improve the service that we provide you indeed.

Canon-photo-printer.com or any of its related websites will not send you any promotional emails and hence, do not respond or click any suspicious links received if any from other third-party or spam centers. During any time, you can terminate the services availed from us but with prior intimation and validation. We ensure data security and safety which you share with us during the service. We wish you read and understand our terms and conditions, and then utilize the instructions on our website or avail service from us.